An Abundance of Naught – Wait while I reload my dog

This week on Naught the guys discuss DRM in your car, gun tech, Call of Duty and the latest in movies.

An Abundance of Movies:
Intersteller – 78%
Big Hero 6 – 100%
Jessabelle – N/A
The Theory of Everything
Merry Friggin’ Christmas

Top Box:
Nightcrawler – $10.9M (93%)
Ouija – $10.9M
Fury – $9.1M
Gone Girl – $8.8M

Honorable Mentions:
Before I Go to Sleep
Say Goodbye to Language 3D
Movie News

An Abundance of Naught:
Company Makes Gun Tech That Could Help Prevent Police Brutality

AT&T Sued for Reducing Speed of ‘Unlimited’ Data Plans

60 FPS Youtube

Finest COD In Years

Blizzcon Virtual Ticket 

EFF seeks to allow car owners to tweak their cars without getting sued.

CNN anchors use their $900 surface as an iPad stand

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