An Abundance of Thrones S5E5 – Kill the Boy

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Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 05 – Kill the Boy

Director: Jeremy Podeswa
Writer: Brian Cogman

S5E5: 6.56 Million (U.S. only)
S5E4: 6.82 Million (U.S. only)
S5E3: 6.71 Million (U.S. only)
S5E2: 6.81 Million (U.S. only)
S5E1: 8.00 Million (U.S. only)

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Episode Summary:
Brienne and Podrick arrive at an inn close to Winterfell and asks for help to get a message to Sansa, who, in Winterfell, is reunited with Reek, formerly Theon Greyjoy. Ramsay forces Reek to apologize to Sansa for murdering her younger brothers. At the Wall, Tormund Giantsbane accepts an alliance with the Night’s Watch in exchange for settlement south of the Wall. He tells Jon that most of the wildlings have made their way to Hardhome, and that Jon must accompany him to speak with the wildlings, which Jon accepts. Later, Stannis’ army marches on Winterfell, along with Selyse and Shireen. In Meereen, Grey Worm rests under the watchful eye of Missandei, while Daenerys decides to reopen the fighting pits and marry Hizdar to make peace with the people of Meereen. At sea, Tyrion and Jorah sail through Valyria. They see Drogon fly overhead before they are attacked by a group of stone men. They manage to escape, but Jorah is infected with greyscale, though he keeps this a secret.

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